Romans 12- Gifts of the Spirit

Basically this book of Romans is dealing with the grace gifts. This is something we will study more with our guest teacher Sister Otey but since you asked I'll give you a brief synopsis.

As you read down into the chapter, verses 6-8, the grace gifts are detailed. What are grace gifts? They are gifts given as the Holy Spirit wills. So for instance it says, Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, [let us use them]: if prophecy, [let us] [prophesy] in proportion to our faith; ROMANS 12:6. This is the prophetic that will go forth no matter whether you are called to be a prophet or not. God will use any willing vessel, which is why it says you will prophecy in proportion to your faith. If you believe God can and He needs to then He will use you. Not everyone that prophecies is a prophet in accordance with their five-fold ministry gift, which we will detail more later but are found in Ephesians 4:11.

So I had to tell you what the passage was about for you to be able to understand what Paul is talking about in this letter to the church of Rome. He is saying to them in 12:3 to remain of sound mind as they are used. To know that God has given each of us an amount of faith that we operate in and that these gifts are not of themselves but of the Holy Spirit based on that faith.

Sometimes it's easy to take ownership of prophecy that goes forth, this is what I see most in Colorado this is why I use this example, but we must always remain humble knowing that it isn't us but as the Holy Spirit desires to reveal to His people that we are used in the prophetic, whether we are prophets of God or not. Not everyone can give their last $500.00 because they believe God will provide, it is based on our faith that we are able to do these things and based on the move of the Holy Spirit in us.

Paul is also wanting us to be reminded that every gift in the body is important. We are all called to do our part in the body of Christ so that we as the body may be edified. Which he goes into further detail on in verse 4 of this passage.

1. remain humble, of sound mind
2. know that it is the Holy Spirit, as God wills, for these things to come forth
3. remember that every gift and function of another member of the body is just as important as the next